Race Officials / Marshal manual



The race official (or “marshal”) is the one who, with his presence, guarantees the correct development of the Street Mini 4WD event. He is required to behave with principles of education, respect for the racers and the dignity of his role. To gain the role of “race official” there is a need for some preparation and having participated in at least one official Street Mini 4WD event.


  1. The figure of the race official/marshal must know in its entirety the Street Mini 4WD regulation in force for the competition that will arbitrate;
  2. At least 1 copy of the latest Street Mini 4WD regulation (paper or electronic format) must be available to the race official;
  3. The race official must be easily recognizable through identifying clothing (example: bib);
  4. The race official must have available the necessary tools to do his job:
    • Car Dimension Checker (95037, 95280) or clone that complies with the measures of a regular mini 4WD according to the latest Street Mini 4WD regulation;
    • Caliber;
    • Any other measuring instruments (eg ruler, electronic scale);
    • Any other instruments for arbitrage (eg whistle, megaphone).
  5. A race official will be assigned to a racer or a team: he will have the task of following the behavior of the racer or of the team assigned from the beginning to the end of a race;
  6. The race official is the only one who can interrupt a competition unless urgent situations occur;
  7. Supporting race judges: they are optional figures who have the task of establishing the start of a race with a countdown (“3, 2, 1, Go!”) and eventually define the conclusion of a race (example: waving a checkered flag).