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Race Models

Street Mini 4WD competition are based on different types of paths that pilots and their cars have to face.

The path depends on the type of race:

  • Variable grounds and long tracks: machine and racer’s ability to adapt to changing grounds are important in this kind of races (number 5);
  • Fast tracks: the most important thing is the top speed and the ability of the driver and the car to handle it.  (number 4);
  • Paths with wide curves: the key skills are cornering grip, the maximum speed at which you can handle the curves and the pilot's ability to make curves properly. (number 3);
  • Technical routes (narrow curves and jumps): it requires the combination of guidance and stability of the car, combined with agility and quick thinking of the pilot (number 2);
  • Mixed routes: efficiency of the machine and rider lucidity (number 1).

Two major types of competition are possible: individual competitions and team competitions.

Individual competitions

Usually is one vs one competition: the racer competes on three races characterized by different types of tracks (fast -number 4/3-, technical -number 2-, variable -number 5-).

Pilots will challenge each type of specialty. In the end, the best will be awarded for each track.

The best specialists will then challenge a new race containing all three track types (mixed route, number 1) That will crown which car and racer are the most efficient on a mixed track.

Fast track
Fast track (number 3/4)

Technical track
Technical track (number 2)

Variable track
Variable track (number 5)

Mixed track
Mixed track (number 1)

Composition of a Street Mini 4WD team

The individual competitions described allows to identify racers prevalent skills and makes it possible to create a Street Mini 4WD team composed by racers with different skills.

Team competitions

It consists into the competition between two or more teams of 3-5 elements. Key elements are team play and complementarity between team riders.

We can identify 4 main types of team races:

  • Sectional race (relay race): A track consisting of segments with different characteristics is divided into sections and each member runs one according to its own peculiarities.
    For example: for teams of five elements you draw a track divided into 5 parts, each one with different characteristics;
  • Endurance race: A single track is run in turn by each pilot, like a relay. For example: the circuit must be run five times, each racer of the team completes a track ride;
  • Target race: No defined route is provided. Pilots must reach the target points where the next staff member will be waiting for them;
  • GP Cross: a path is simultaneously traversed by two or more racers for team at the same time. Wins the team that first manages to complete the course with its last car. In practice, wins the first car among the last.

Sectional race
Sectional race

Endurance race
Endurance race

Target race
Target race